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How to impress.

For first time bookings, screening is required. Two provider references, your legal ID or 50% deposit is your choosing. Using the booking form on contact page, give a brief introduction, provide details such as full name, ID reference, Linkedin account/twitter/Instagram. Your info will not be shared and remain confidential other than for use in verifying your ID for safety reasons.


Sometimes unexpected things happen. It is politely asked that if you need to cancel, please provide two days notice. Any future bookings after a cancelation less than 24hrs will require a deposit that will go towards the new booking.


The Appreciation should be in an unsealed envelope left in clear view upon arrival. Please understand this is only for time and companionship. 


If you wish our meeting to evolve in a particular way, or have any other questions feel free to include that in the brief introduction. Although I am appreciative of your praises, there is a NRP in place because a gentleman never tells.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for me to reply and confirm booking, although I will try to respond as quickly as possible and book if our schedules align. Advanced booking is recommended and appreciated. One week notice is preferred.